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Robotics projects can be undertaken from items ranging from built and ready to go robots, Dash, Sphero, Thymio White Robots and more. A broad range of LEGO materials, plastic parts and electronics (WeDo or Mindstorms) offer a range of opportunities for design, construction and control. Campers with a starting experience in this area or strong coding skills will want to design robots which can developed from a range of flexible electronic components.

Campers learn to create amazing robotic inventions, using a variety of building materials, including Mindstorms EV3, NXT, Thymio, Finch, and others. Develop basic skills by completing a sequence of challenges in a 'boot camp' format on the first day. Then move on to projects of their own design, emphasizing either the mechanical engineering or the coding aspects of robotics, based on your personal interests. Design solutions where two or more robots collaborate to solve a problem, using Bluetooth communications to coordinate their efforts.