Using Technology More Effectively for Learning® is a 501(c)(3) that provides consulting for E‑Rate, Tech Planning, and IT, as well as hands-on Professional Learning and Research for Computer Science (CS) Education and High-Tech Making.

How Does Help? provides Educational Technology Consulting, assisting institutions to gain access to the necessary resources for a modern network infrastructure.

  • E-Rate Consulting
  • Educational Technology Planning
  • Network Consulting
  • Computer Science Professional Learning (PL)
  • Research and Development
    • E-Rate Consulting

      With over two decades of experience, we help with funding opportunities.

    • Apply for E-Rate annually ($4B)
    • Stack California Teleconnect Fund (CTF)
    • Seek Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF),

      reimbursement ($7B)

    • Pursue other EdTech funding opportunities
      • Educational Technology Planning assists schools with comprehensive technology plans.

      • Establish strategic goals for EdTech  
      • Survey current system capabilities
      • Analyze infrastructure limitations
      • Budget for improvements
      • Network Consulting

        We help schools measure the impact of technology on student achievement and provide advanced IT services.

      • Design network infrastructure
      • Troubleshoot connectivity and security 
      • Support cloud and distributed servers
      • Supplement in-house IT teams
      • CS Professional Learning

        For over two decades, has delivered Educational Technology Professional Learning with teacher support and curriculum development.

      • Deliver PD for Computer Science and Making
      • Integrate STEAM with core disciplines
      • Coach, mentor and collaborate
      • Design curriculum for Coding and Debugging
      • Research & Development partners with universities, other non-profits and foundations to investigate how technology can enhance learning.

      • Investigate teaching and learning with technology
      • Develop inclusive CS pedagogy
      • Explore Physical Computing and Robotics
      • Partner on grant opportunities
      • Who We Are [The Miller Institute for Learning with Technology] is a 501(c)(3) California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation. We evolved from an independent educational technology consultancy founded by Mark L. Miller, Ph.D. in 1997. We were incorporated in March 2000 in San Carlos, CA. Our revenues come from fee-for-service projects, workshops, sponsored projects, grants, and donations.

        Our firm has employees and/or clients in almost half of U.S. states. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations for each locale in which we operate, including seeking all necessary licenses, certifications, and insurance for the services we provide.

        Our mission is to help people use technology more effectively for learning. designs innovative solutions to enrich teaching and learning. We emphasize enhancing student achievement, ensuring equitable access, and measuring the impact of technology. We never forget that learning is the goal; technology is merely a means to that end.

        We have more than 20 years of experience working in a variety of contexts:

        • K-12 schools (traditional, public, charter, parochial, independent)
        • School districts
        • Libraries
        • Higher education
        • Educational software companies
        • Other nonprofits
        • Corporate training departments
        • Community collegesWe never forget that learning is the goal; technology is merely a means to that end.

        “I incorporated as a nonprofit, because I wanted us to be judged less by our bottom line, and more by our impact in changing the world.”

        — Mark L. Miller, Ph.D., Founder

        Organization Information

        Mark L. Miller, Ph.D.
        President and Executive Director

        Mailing Address:
        1180 San Carlos Avenue #411
        San Carlos, CA 94070

        Legal Name:
        The Miller Institute for Learning with Technology

        E-Rate Consultant Registration Number (CRN): 16043681
        501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt
        San Carlos Business License: 12610554
        Pacifica Business License: 14605602


        Client Since 2017

        “ has been there for our school since it opened in 2017, helping us to design our network and to get funding to support its implementation. We rely on Learningtech’s counsel and E-Rate management services.”

        University Partner 2016-2019

        “We partnered with on an NSF-sponsored research project involving the use of Liquid Handling Robots to inspire computational thinking for middle and high school students. We appreciated the insights, dedication, and professionalism of’s team on this project.”

        Client Since 2014

        “We have been relying on The Miller Institute for Learning with Technology since 2014 and we would never be able to navigate E-rate without them!!! The funding just keeps on coming in and they take care of everything for us.”

        (650) 598-0105